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What is a graduate program?

A graduate program is aimed at newly graduated students. Our graduate program focuses on creating employees who can become future leaders of our organisation.

How is your graduate program build?

Our graduate program is a 24 month program and typically consist of 4 rotation of 6 months including at least 1 international rotation. During the program our graduates receive several trainings including 2 weeks on our global graduate academy in UK. Furthermore our graduates receive 2 coaches and 1 mentor to guide and coach them their journey in BAT.

How is your recruitment process?

Our recruitment process for graduates is quite long because we are looking for our future leaders. You will go through several online tests, a phone interview with one of our recruiters and lastly an assessment center with different exercises, cases and interviews. We know that it is thorough and time consuming, but in the end we know that we end up with the perfect match for BAT.

Candidate requirements

Below you can see the candidate requirements you need to meet in order to start a chat with British American Tobacco Nordic. Note that some requirements are mandatory and some are optional.

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Business & Strategy Business Development Marketing, Language & Communication Sales and client care
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Words from a former Global Graduate

Do you want to help us transform the tobacco industry?

In 2012, we introduced our Transforming Tobacco strategy.  While conventional combustible tobacco products will remain at the core of our business for some time to come, we know the long-term sustainability of our business will be further enhanced by transforming tobacco and meeting the emerging demand for potentially reduced-risk products.
We are transforming tobacco with a choice of products. Our growing range of potentially reduced-risk products includes our Next Generation Products, such as vapour and tobacco heating products, and our oral tobacco and nicotine products.
It is widely acknowledged that most of the harm associated with conventional cigarettes is caused by the toxicants in the smoke produced by the burning of tobacco. That is why we are dedicated to the development and commercialisation of alternative tobacco and nicotine products that don’t burn tobacco to deliver nicotine to the user.

Who is BAT NEA?
If you have a dream of becoming a leader, BAT NEA is the place for you. We excel in developing our own people into leaders of the future. As an organisation with a high-performance culture, we’ll expect a lot from you. But we’ll support you every step of the way. Many of our current leaders started as Junior Executives or Global Graduates. If you have the talent and want to make your mark in a global organisation that thrives on diversity, innovation and has a commitment to helping people make the most of their abilities, BAT is for you. Only time will tell what you’ll be able to accomplish at BAT.

You can read much more about BAT NEA and our global graduate program at

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