Junior Sales Manager at NORD Esports GmbH

Posted 2 weeks ago


Are you interested in the esports industry, and want to learn how you can make money with Esports and how to improve in selling? Then NORD Esports GmbH is probably the correct address for you, we are looking for someone that helps us within our sales department. 

Your Job:

  • Be interested and motivated to learn
  • Teamwork
  • Participate in our workshops where we teach you the Basics of Sales
  • Research potential Customers/Brands 
  • Calling and talking to Brands to get the first meetings done
  • Setup Meetings/ Close Deals
  • Earn your commission



The best thing is, you will be able to do this Job remotely from home together with our Guidance and a great motivated Team around you. You can choose your work hours freely and we will have weekly meetings to discuss your progress but also always be available for your Questions.

Are you ready for a challenge?

What is guaranteed is, that you will learn a lot about Esports, Brands, Marketing, and Sales and if you learn fast or have a natural talent for it, you might also make a lot of money through the commission you get for each Deal.

We are looking for Students who want to use this as an Internship or as a part-time job on the side or even full-time if they have the capacity for it.

So if you think you are good at selling and interested in Esports, hit us up.