Freelance Software Developer ⭐ Role: Evaluator at Diggit AS

Posted 5 days ago

Are you...

  • wanting to create impact and get paid for it?

  • sick and tired of experience great talent get rejected due to biased CVs?

  • willing to prove yourself as a Top performers in our tech challenges now?

Got the skills, but lack traditional credentials — like a finished education, years of experience, or both?

Then you are exactly who we're looking for. This is your chance.

*Curious why we prefer people without traditional requirements? Read `We're Against Discrimination` below.

What We're Looking For

  • those who have extensive expertise in creating and delivering software projects

W are flexible in which language you develop in.

In fact, our tech challenge has an OPEN tech stack. You can pick from the tools you see above. Items in the "wanted" category are more popular among the companies we're in contact with.

The Application Process

When companies ask for formal education, and years of experience - they’re really asking a deeper question: Can I trust this candidate to bring value on day one?

We have found that skills verified through work sample tests (i.e. "Challenges") drastically outperform CVs and other traditional requirements in terms of predictive validity for job performance.

So, as a logical result, we hire using challenges.

When we've received enough applicants for this position, we'll send out an industry-relevant challenge designed to test the competencies listed in this job post.

The best way to prepare is to invest in your developer skills. No need to prepare fake answers to interview questions, or find ways to sell yourself better. Focusing on growth within your craft (i.e. Cloud Development) leading up to the challenge will bring you the best results.

Our Promise to Applicants

We're Against Discrimination

We're a company by Undiscovered Talent, for Undiscovered Talent — those candidates that never get a fair chance because they lack traditional requirements. We were once in your shoes. We firmly believe in giving everyone equal opportunity — and to qualify for the job based on verified skills. We also believe these people will seize the opportunity with more passion, leading to a win-win relationship.

We Respect your Time

We need a way to fairly evaluate job applications. Some companies use this as an opportunity to assign actual work. That's not fair. We will send you a challenge; but one that's designed to take an hour or two (assuming you have the necessary competencies). One that's interesting and relevant, but not directly valuable to us. That way, we can assess your competency, without disrespecting your time.


We're aiming to pay you fairly and justly as a freelancer. But at the moment, we're currently working out our payment plan for freelance evaluators. We want to discuss with you a fair pricing and feel free to DM me directly for any questions/concerns.

Got Questions? Reach out through the contact info below.