EMI EMC Design Engineer at Exelis

Job Title: EMI/EMC Design Engineer

Job Code: SAS20222505-82947
Job Location: Palm Bay, FL

Job Description:

Desired applicant will be responsible for program’s compliance with Electromagnetic Compatibility, Lightning, HEMP, and Multipaction requirements through all program phases form initial proposal through production and site integration. During the early program phases the applicant will support systems engineering in negotiation of EMC requirement with the customer and assess their impact on the baseline design as it develops. In the design phase the applicant is the EMC Subject Matter Expert (SME) to the design teams and is responsible for analysis projecting EMC compliance design margins to EMC requirements to be presented at design reviews and customer technical meetings. Applicant is the liaison between the program and the EMI Lab responsible for developing the EMI test plan and supporting the EMI Lab with its implementation in the EMI Test procedure. The desired applicant should be familiar with circuit simulation and electromagnetic modeling software tools and possess a fundamental understanding of EMI test methodologies and equipment ranging from but not limited to spectrum analyzers, receivers, oscilloscopes, amplifiers, current probes, and power supplies.

Essential Functions:

  • Design Analysis


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE)

Preferred Additional Skills:

  • iNARTE EMC certification
  • DoD Security Clearance

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