? EQ2 – Market Quality Engineer. PWT Quality Engineer at Nissan

  • Main tasks and responsibilities:
    To plan, execute and report the required investigation in field using specific tools if needed securing the quality of data, and the delivery in cost and time.
    Scope of the role covers both conventional ICE and also new e-Powertrain components (generator, e-motor, inverter and DC-DC converter) for NISSAN projects. Occasionally to evaluate competitors as European frontline.
    For the role of Market Quality Engineer for in field investigation:

    1.- Creating the plan

    • To understand concern to be analyze, project changes history, incident rate, repair process…
    • Create data collection plan: travel, questionnaire, test sample, recreate the plan before traveling.
    • To consider the use of test facilities and resources available (in-house or in suppliers).
    • To recognize the required equipment and tools to perform the data collection.
    • To contact with dealers and intermediates to agreed visit and confirm the plan is feasible.
      2.- Executing the plan:
    • Travel to the required site in AMIEO to analyze the concern vehicles.
    • To follow up the data acquisition by himself, calculation, adoption safety measures according plan.
    • To include adjustments or CM during test to meet requirements, supporting technicians when needed
    • To follow all the safety and management instructions and internal procedures at all times
      3.- Reporting:
    • To prepare the documents to report clearly and shortly at agreed timing.
    • To analyze the test results correctly and propose objective judgement against test criteria.
    • Finally to prepare REPORT as written evidence of job done and support his judgement.
      For the role of Quality engineer for Calibration and SW issues.
      1.- To recognize the concern from market data bases/indicators: SIGMA, RCSS, Master list…
      2.- To describe clearly the concern and customer impact.
      3.- To analyze potential root causes using Quality procedures is-is not, FTA-PA…
      4.- To propose Countermeasures to lien section in charge and support CCS creation
      5.- To create data base for improvement areas for future projects and propose action plan.
  • Background and experience:
    • Degree or Master in Engineering (ideally: Engine calibration, mechatronic or electric expertise).
    • 3 year experience in POWERTRAIN design or test department (or equivalent).
    • Understanding of Quality processes and management tools as Is –Is not analysis, FTA-PA, DA Matrix as well as tools to investigate Failure mechanism and Root cause analysis.
    • Knowledge of operation on tools for data collection as Cosult3+, DDT 2000, INCA PC…
    • Enthusiasm for engineering and excellent engineering intuition is necessary. Ability to discuss and communicate technical subject.
    • Learning and improving attitude at all times.
    • Collaborative work, communication and management skills.
    • Very High level Spanish and English language (French also interesting).
    • Availability to travel, including long stay overseas.
    • Good knowledge of Windows office environment.
    • Driving license ideally expert driver.
Barcelona Barcelona Spain

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