Facilitator (EMEA) - Data & Digital (Freelance) at Decoded


We are in search of facilitators to deliver our outstanding virtual/in-person education experiences.
Our Data & Digital Leadership Facilitators run short-form workshops in Data Science, Cybersecurity, Innovation, and Programming. You will work with senior leaders from every sector, helping shape their understanding of technology and ability to effectively engage with technical teams.
You can work remotely from anywhere in the GMT + 2 time zones. When we return to in-person training you may have the opportunity to travel around the region and beyond.
When applying please bear in mind the following:
  • We work in an area flooded with tech buzzwords (e.g. AI, machine learning, blockchain) — in your application show us how you would explain a buzz-wordy term to a room full of people that ‘get it’ but might have never ‘done it.’
  • We really enjoy videos, and portfolios of work that show us your skills (make it fun)
  • We deliver training that is technology and innovation focused — see if your application can reflect this

Education is not a life stage that ends in your late teens and early twenties. Decoded believes that everyone should learn innovation, code, data science, hacking, design thinking, blockchain, and a million other things that haven’t even been invented yet. We want to accelerate learning for everyone.
Decoded is a global technology education provider that creates learning experiences for businesses around the world. Our mission is to be the world’s greatest technology educator, and to change the way people interact with technology. Curious about our style of teaching? [] to get a taste of how we do, what we do.


As a Data Facilitator at Decoded, you’re ultimately accountable for:
  • Delivering our productised workshops to learners, usually alongside a co-facilitator
  • Contextualising our varied content to specific clients and sectors
  • Acting on feedback from peers, learners and the Decoded team

  • Reviewing exercises and other learning materials before a session
  • Learning about your learners and the businesses they work for
  • Familiarising yourself with the course structure and content, proactively filling gaps in your knowledge
  • Self assessing your skills and taking up suitable training and professional development opportunities

  • Delivering a 10/10 learning experience in each workshop
  • Communicating complex data science concepts and techniques with energy, focus and patience
  • Engaging and captivating the attention of a room of busy working professionals
  • Collaborating with your co-facilitator to give each session a consistent and balanced pace and tone
  • Handling and resolving challenging learning moments with learners
  • Facilitating the learning journey for your audience, and leaving no-one behind whilst also providing stimulation for advanced learners
  • Enabling an inclusive, collaborative and respectful learning environment

When in-person: Setup and wrap up
  • Collecting and returning equipment from Decoded’s offices when required
  • Preparing the learning environment: room setup, laptop setup, distributing materials and other tasks as required
  • Working with the Decoded Operations team to ensure the learning environment reaches our high standards
  • Submitting written feedback to our Product and Operations teams to enable constant improvements to the content and logistics of each workshop


You are comfortable public speaking and educating any audience — from teenagers to CEOs. You are confident in your skills at communicating data, coding or cybersecurity related sessions. You are in love with technology and learning.
Our facilitation style is built on:
  • Audience participation, active engagement, and hands-on activities
  • Storytelling

Our Data Facilitators are a community of technology education superstars. They are confident yet humble, and are passionate about giving their learners confidence in the skills required for the future of work.
They are founders and entrepreneurs. Physicists and philosophers. Technologists who believe in human potential. Data Scientists that love stories.
Whatever their background, they are always:
  • Empathetic
  • Obsessed about learning and teaching
  • Programming literate
  • Curious about new technologies
  • Critical thinkers

Flexible worker Facilitators are allocated between 1 and 10 days each month, depending on your availability and our requirements.
Our workshops range from 3 hours to a full day. We run many of our workshops in London, but some sessions occur elsewhere in the UK, Europe and further afield. You will be required to travel as a part of this role, but we are flexible around this requirement depending on your personal circumstances. Some of our facilitators would rather not travel regularly, while others leap at any opportunity to see the world! We will work with you to find the right balance.

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