Research Analyst - Private at FactSet Research Systems

Job Responsibilities:

  • Collect, analyze and process financial market data from various data sources and into the database utilized by the team.
  • Ensure the integrity of the company's financial market information.
  • Complete, timely and accurate database Accurate and reliable data for the client
  • Audit Resolutions/fix and recommendations for market-specific guidelines.
  • Audit resolution sign off. Creation and refinement of market-specific guides.
  • Accurate and reliable data for the client.
  • Provide accurate and reliable demographic and statistical financial market data to internal database and to internal/external clientele.
  • Focus on ensuring the integrity of the company's financial market information.
  • Fulfill the research/analytical/ market study needs, required/ requested by the external clients in order to procure and retain future and current business.
  • Support clients on data queries; The job also involves reporting & maintaining records of work done

Job Requirements:
  • Undergraduate degree in Commerce / Business Management/ Finance/Accounting /Economics or equivalent. Be able to effectively understand the content/market (s) handled
  • Computer literate. Effectively use the database and software for collection and processing of content/data.
  • Numerical skills. To ensure understanding of the financial data to be collected and/or processing
  • Analytical Skills and detail oriented. To ensure accuracy of data
  • Knowledge of financial markets and accountancy (as needed). To ensure effective understanding of assigned content/market

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