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Software Engineer - Entry level at Jane Street Europe Ltd

Posted 1 week ago

About the Position
We're always hiring software engineers for all three of our offices. Technology is at the core of how we approach that work and engineers are intimately tied in to every area of the business.
We are big believers in functional programming, using OCaml, a statically-typed functional programming language, as our primary development language. We also believe in the value of open source software, using it in our daily work and releasing hundreds of thousands of lines of our own code as open source.

About You

  • Top-notch programming skills.
  • Deep experience with—and love for—technology. There’s no specific checklist; we use software to approach a variety of problems, so we’re interested in everything from machine learning to systems administration to programming language design.
  • Strong interpersonal skills. Software engineering at Jane Street is highly collaborative, and we are looking for people who can work effectively in small, close-knit teams.

We don’t expect you to have experience with functional programming, OCaml, or finance; we’re happy to hire talented engineers and teach them what they need to know. If you'd like to get an idea of what we cover in our software engineering interview process, you can read our recent blog post.