Freelance PSD Designer at Freepik

We’re looking for talented 3D artists and designers around the world. If you want to work with us, you just need to do a test. Are you ready? Why FREEPIK?
  • The largest database of free icons
  • More than 11 million visits per month
  • More than 100 designers around the world
  • We offer you a fixed price per resource
Types of PSD files we work with
In Freepik, we work with two different types of PSD files: templates and mockups.
  • Templates are layered files that can be of different types depending on their layout (business card, CV, poster, brochures, flyers,...). The style used in each case will be previously specified with the art director.
  • A mockup is a visual representation of the product’s appearance that allows the customer to get an idea of how the final result will look like. Apart from mockups, here in Freepik we also work with scene creators, which are also a type of mockup. Scene creators contain different items that you can rearrange to create your own scene, offering users a higher degree of customization than mockups.
Requirements for working as a freelance PSD Designer:
  • We’re looking for people with great imagination, passionate about design, and who love being up-to-date on the latest trends.
  • Being organized is essential. It’s important you manage your time effectively to get the best results and meet the deadlines.
  • We seek responsible people that commit themselves to comply with the conditions specified on each photo session.
  • We value positively a self-critical attitude. Following the guidelines and suggestions of the art directors are crucial to improve every day.
  • All generated content must be original and exclusive.
  • Fluency in English or Spanish is required so you can communicate with us.
What do we offer?
  • Work wherever you want. Through our online platform, you will be able to manage your tasks from any computer.
  • Enhance your portfolio. You can use the photos you produce for us to build a great portfolio, as long as you attribute to Freepik.
  • You’ll work alongside your art director, who will give you advice and suggestions to improve your creative skills daily.
  • You are free to decide on the photo sessions you carry out monthly. Its price will depend on the characteristics of each session, to be agreed upon with your art director.
  • You won’t have to edit not select your photos, just send us the photos of the session in RAW format.
  • You’ll be informed about the earnings of the task before starting it out.
Do you want to join us?
  1. Fill in the form with your personal data and select the style you’ll use for the test.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation email to gain access to our system
  3. Once there, you’ll see the technical requirements for the test. Submit the test after finishing it. We’ll give you feedback when we review it.
For the test, you need to send us 3 designs in PSD format where you demonstrate your talent. It’s your chance to shine, so give it your best shots!
You’ll be provided with the themes for the test once you access our internal system.
After accessing the test, you’ll have up to 7 days to submit it.
When doing the test, keep in mind that:
  • Freepik is an image bank so the photos you send have to be useful and visually appealing.
  • Files must use the sRGB colour mode and 8-bit colour depth. The size must be higher than 1.5 MB. In the case of PSD files you send in the second stage of the test, make sure their size is less than 320 MB. Besides, the resolution must be between 2000 px and 8000 px on any of their sides.
  • You cannot use resources from Freepik, from an external site, nor from your own portfolio for the test. We need your resources to be 100% exclusive.

  • All rights concerning the images provided in the test are owned by the author of these images until said author, in the case of being selected, grants these rights for purchase and publishing on Freepik.>
    • All rights concerning the images provided in the test are owned by the author of these images until said author, in the case of being selected, grants these rights for purchase and publishing on Freepik.>

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