Project Manager at Danfoss

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Essential Functions, Key Tasks, & Responsibilities

  • Develop charters that are inclusive of pertinent information, transparent, clearly understood, and gain the commitment of the project team.
  • Build and maintain accurate schedules by including the entire team in their development. These schedules are created using best practices as determined by the project office.
  • Define and maintain Business case for projects.
  • Define the budget required for the project and track the actual project spend. Understand and report the cause of variance from the planned budget.
  • Determine the requirements for resources and their time. Understand and report the cause of variance from the planned requirement.
  • Make decisions in projects using a risk-based assessment which includes the cross-functional team.
  • Monitor and control project time, cost, and resources.
  • Drive commitment from team members to ensure integrity of project schedule.
  • Identify and address the root causes of delay to project schedules, variance from project budgets, and variance from project resource requirements.
  • Recognize and address scope creep.
  • Develop a course of action to mitigate delays to project execution and completion while minimizing disruption to project quality and cost.
  • Ensure consistent execution of the processes developed by the project office and Danfoss.
  • Execute project completion in accordance with departmental KPI goals.
  • Successfully progress projects to completion by completing milestone gate requirements and passing milestone gate reviews.
  • Ensure completion of milestone deliverables
  • Identify root cause of time, cost, and resource variance
  • Provide transparent communication of project status
  • Accept and execute all other responsibilities as assigned by project office

Relationship Building

  • Must excel in building cooperative cross-functional teams. Fosters positive behavior which encourages teamwork and ownership of a project’s success.
  • Instills team member, customer, and stakeholder confidence in their ability to lead, make decisions, and deliver results.
  • Develop and maintain strong, constructive, working relationships with managers which aid in delivering lasting and positive improvements. Earn trust through the efficient and transparent use of resources to ensure continued support in future projects.
  • Inspire positive perception of project office efforts by behaving and communicating in ways that develop confidence in project practices and the PMO team’s ability to deliver positive improvements. Demonstrate optimistic and eager attitude towards challenges. Work to spread that same attitude to team members and resources.
  • Create successful cooperative relationships with external resources. Include vendor and consultant activities in project schedules, establish vendor commitment to these activities, and ensure transparency of activity status.
  • Instill customer trust in Danfoss project execution through transparent and honest communication of progress and through commitment to customer satisfaction in completed work.
  • Train team members and resources how to follow processes used for project management
  • Train and support other project managers to better manage their projects using Danfoss processes

Agent of Change

  • Improve team members’ satisfaction with project execution and promote a sense of eagerness to participate in future projects.
  • Identify systemic causes of project delays, resource overallocation, or general project hardship and successfully resolve those roadblocks for the improvement of the business.
  • Increase the value of project management by demonstrating that it is a critical resource for the company through consistent and successful project execution and by earning stakeholder trust.
  • Support the efforts of the PMO to make improvements to our tools and processes. Determine, create, and troubleshoot tools that make efficient project management and transparency.
  • Provide training, assistance with, and communication of changes to others to help them support process improvements.
  • Understand the goals of the company to help identify areas which can be improved. Support and lead teams to determine and implement improvements which will aid Danfoss in achieving said goals.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering or a Bachelor of Business Administration with a minimum of 5 years of industry-relevant experience in project management, manufacturing, or design.

Minimum Working Experience

  • Leadership experience in cross-functional team environment
  • Experience working in a matrix organization
  • Proven success in making improvements to processes, tools, and culture
  • Effective communication skills; oral and written and empathic listener
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrated technical competence
  • Demonstrated to be organized with tasks, time, and documents

Additional Desired Personal and Working Experience

  • Proficient in Project Management Methods
  • Experience working with team members at multiple locations and internationally
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively handle difficult or demanding personalities through communication and action
  • Strong influential skills and ability to use these skills to enact positive actions within the organization
  • Ability to communicate effectively across all levels of the organization
  • Demonstrated commitment to achieving objectives

We are Engineering Tomorrow

The world faces growing populations, booming urbanization and rapid climate change. At Danfoss, we engineer ready-to-use solutions to these challenges. We build energy-efficient solutions that reduce food loss and make cities cleaner – using digital technology to make systems smarter and more connected – and we engineer innovative new ways to save energy and transition to clean energy for the good of our climate.

Join Danfoss

Danfoss gives you unique opportunities to put your skills to good use, make an impact and shape an exciting career. We encourage employees to take charge, do extraordinary things and run the business like it was their own. Danfoss is respected around the world for its innovative, high-quality technologies and solutions. You will learn a lot by working with the experts who develop them. Join Danfoss to be part of a world-class team of over 27,000 people in 56 countries that engineer tomorrow and build a better future.

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