Design Wizards, Join us! at Digital Society School

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A forward-thinking community 

We are a diverse group of learners, thinkers and doers that shape tomorrow’s society through digital technology, using human-centred design approaches. We think big, start small and are explicitly open, placing our findings at the world’s disposal. 

Work at the Digital Society School (DSS) 

We are looking for passionate researchers, designers and programmers who want to work in an interdisciplinary team on ‘transformation design’ related research questions. We invite students and professionals to apply. You research and study the latest digital trends and developments as you apply them to our collaborative project. You will work closely with different stakeholders and together you will come up with tools, prototypes and solutions for a societal challenge.  

Our projects are clustered in trend- related programmes called Tracks. In September 2019 we'll continue with two Tracks: ‘Data-Driven Transformation’ and ‘Digital to Physical’ and start a brand new one, ‘Systems for Sharing’

Track: Data-Driven Transformation 

The importance of Data in our society is growing. While the number of data initiatives and the amount of data produced increases, the meaning or purpose of this data is not always clear. We see a need to give meaning and purpose to this data. In this Track, we experiment, research and prototype with new ways to use data for a positive societal change.  

Track: Digital to Physical

The blend of the digital and physical worlds is changing our society fundamentally. With the rise of a truly digital society, fundamental questions and uncertainties about our future in the physical (or: real) world are raised.In this track we will experiment with the physical representation of data, physical presence in digital environments, interaction with smart objects. Also, we focus on issues around trust and privacy in the context of a hyperconnected world. Our research and prototypes aim to have an impact on business and society.

Track: Systems for sharing

In this track, we work on technical, digital and social systems. We create proof of concepts, prototypes and do applied research to support ’systems for sharing’ in the light of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We will also train organisations and professionals to adopt a different mindset and be able to stimulate a sharing culture within their work environment or community.

Duration: September  2nd 2019- January 31st 2020, 40 hrs/week 

Application Deadline: 

Non-EU citizens apply before May 1st. 

All others before June 1st. 

Apply via the "Apply Now" button.

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