Do you want to put your knowledge into practice during an eight weeks long summer internship at Europe's largest supplier of renewable energy? Join the summer project and contribute to solving the global climate challenges!

Statkraft is proud to offer an annual summer project – a rewarding and exciting challenge over the course of eight weeks where you will get the opportunity to work on real-life and important topics. This way you can approach future challenges within renewable energy, decarbonization and electrification. Further, the project provides a steep learning curve and the opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills and prepare for work-life. 

Statkraft is always looking for new talent with the right qualifications to join us. We believe that the annual summer project is a great opportunity to get to know you, while you get to work for Europe’s leading energy company.

If you are interested in spending your summer making a carbon free future possible, and would enjoy designing new opportunities in the energy transition - you should apply for our summer project. 

Summer project for 2021 will be announced Jan. 21. 
You can read more at our website Summer Project.

What was your best experience in the summer project?

“Working in an agile manner with such a diverse team in 3 different locations (Norway, Delhi and Bangalore) while having a customer centric approach.”

- Varsha Gupta, Summer Project 2019