Abacus Medicine

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Abacus Medicine is a young company that has come far in a short time.

Learn more about our journey below. 

The start of something great

Abacus Medicine is a family business established in 2004 in Copenhagen by CEO Flemming Wagner and his father. In 2009 Abacus Medicine was the largest parallel importer of medicine to the Danish hospitals and pharmacies. Since then we have gone beyond borders across Europe, and in 2018 we exceeded a revenue of DKK 2 billion.  

Our journey of growth

Today, we are one of the fastest-growing companies in Denmark, and we are now a global company of more than 750 employees with offices in Denmark, Germany, UK, Austria, The Netherlands, Hungary and Hong Kong. We have production sites and warehouses in Hungary and The Netherlands, where our products are repackaged in replica boxes before being distributed to our customers. At our HQ at Vesterbro, Copenhagen, we are around 200 employees with more than 50 student assistants. 

The team at Abacus Medicine has achieved significant growth since the company’s founding, which is reflected in our financial results and increase in number of employees - growth is in our DNA. We are much too impatient to rest on our laurels; instead, we praise an entrepreneurial mindset and the courage to do things differently. 

Due to our growth, Abacus Medicine is a proud winner of the Gazelle Award 9 times. Despite the fast track, family values remain an important part of our identity and we look out for each other and work as a team. This is reflected in our “Good morning & Good evening” culture, which means that we all greet each other regardless of department and level. 

A diverse company

We treasure diversity, and we are a colorful blend of cultures and backgrounds. The employees of Abacus fly the flags of more than 20 nations and speak a wealth of languages: Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and many more. Such diversity is very useful in a company where we buy and sell medicines in many markets.