Abacus Medicine

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At Abacus Medicine, we are innovative, dedicated, and we care. We improve global healthcare through better access to medicine.

Our Purpose

Innovative - Dedicated - We Care

Our Purpose reflects the fundamental values of our company. It’s not a lot of words, but they matter a lot. We may not think about them every day, but we live by them in our daily actions.


We believe anything is possible. We encourage original ideas. We are flexible and always ready to change plans if an opportunity arrives.

We are intensely focused on our tasks. We are relentless and willing to go that extra mile.

We care
We respect and value our fellow human beings: Internal colleagues, external business partners and the societies, we are part of. We do not act only in our own interest, but are conscious of others and believe in mutual, long-term partnerships.

Today, our core business is in Europe. Tomorrow, we will be a global company. This is just as much about mindset, as it is about time zones and language versions. We must think and act globally.

What we do, is all about access. We provide access to medicine in countries, where patients might not have it otherwise. We provide access for companies conducting clinical trials. When we make medicine more affordable through parallel trade, we also to make it more accessible.