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We keep pushing the limits of interaction between talented candidates and attractive companies. Focus is on constant innovation in order to stay ahead of the curve and define where the industry is going. A bold ambition but nonetheless why we get up in the morning!

The Graduateland internship program

Working at Graduateland

At Graduateland, the motto is "if everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough" -  We think the motto suits a company that is expanding at our rate, with a vision to change the future of job hunting and recruitment.

We're a hard-working team of dedicated team players, that all strive for the common goal of making Graduateland a household company amongst students and employers worldwide. 

An international team across Europe

The Graduateland headquarters are located in Copenhagen. We are located right smack in the middle of Startup Village, the premier tech hub in the Danish capital. With more than 50 growth companies Graduateland is a fish in the water here. Most of the activities are operated from the HQ, from where the bulk of the team works. In addition to our CPH office, most of our tech team is sitting remote - in exciting places like Vilnius, Warsaw, and Barcelona. 

We believe in building the best product for our audience. This audience is made up of candidates, companies, and universities. We are big fans of input and data, which are key elements in how we keep improving our product, keep innovating in the oldschool industry of recruitment, and build our business. 

We are always on the lookout for talent. Keep an eye out for open positions - set up a job agent, so you don't miss out on starting your career within a companies that starts careers for a living!

Working at Graduateland

Graduateland is a young organization with less than 30 employees. Despite our size we count team members from 8 different countries and English is spoken as much as Danish. 

We love what we do, and our work morale is sky high. We expect the best from each other and we strive for perfection. This will be expected from anybody joining the team.