Say what you've already done

Show what you're capable of doing

Your fully customizable Tyba transforms your skills, experiences and interests into a visual showcase, giving recruiters a better glimpse of the real you.


What have you learned?

Shine the spotlight on your strengths

Show off your skills, wax lyrical about the languages you speak, and expose the best of your educational exploits. Tyba lets you do it all in a way that’s easy on the eye, all within a matter of minutes!


It's not just about what you can do

Use your Tyba to show who you are

With dynamic modules, companies can see what makes you stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s your flair for fashion, your gusto for gastronomy or even your energy for excercise, Tyba is as much about your personality as your professional penchant!


The world is your oyster...

Been there? Done that? Talk about your most memorable travels on your Tyba!

The Places module is like a visual footprint of your international adventures. Show the world where you’re from, where you’ve been and where you currently are. For recruiters, it also gives them a good idea of where you’re going!


Your portfolio never looked better!

Display your experience like never before

The Experience modules allow you to include a variety of media to help tell recruiters your professional stories and internship anecdotes in the best way possible.

Modules can include:


No more standing still. Upload videos to your modules to bring your story to life in the way that your regular CV can't!

Files & Docs

Add PowerPoint presentations, Excel sheets or any kind of document you’ve created professionally.

Image Gallery

Can’t put it into words? Upload your favourite images from your previous internships and professional experiences.

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